The Best OF Anime: Winter 2022

Winter 2022 was an awesome anime season that gave us a lot of entertainment and provided some really good shows! in this article, I wanted to share with you the best things that we got during this anime season! this is a personal opinion so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Here are our Categories:

  • Best Opening of the season
  • Best fight scene of the season
  • Best male character of the season
  • Best Female character of the season
  • Best Antagonist of the season
  • Dark Horse of the season
  • Best series of the season

Best Anime Opening of Winter 2022

We have a lot of great songs this season! “Zankyou Zanka” (Demon slayer season 2) by “Aimer” was really good, as expected from such a greater artist.

“The Rumbling” (Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2) by “SiM” was amazing and reflected perfectly the theme of the anime!

Other great Openings:

  • “Daylight” (Arifureta 2nd Season) by “MindaRyn
  • “STONE OCEAN” (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean ) by “ichigo from Kishida Kyoudan” & “The Akeboshi Rockets
  • “Hajimari no Setsuna” (Akebi’s Sailor Uniform OP): by “Roubai

But my favorite anime opening of winter 2021 has to go to“Naked Hero” (Ranking of Kings) by “Vaundy“, it’s been a really long time since I had the same feelings I got from listening to this song! the visuals? absolutely fantastic! Wit Studio did an incredible job with this opening and it definitively deserves this spot!

Best Anime Fight of Winter 2022

We didn’t get a lot of action this season, however, the little we got is arguably one of the best action scenes you can ask for!

Boji vs Bosse” ( Ranking of Kings ) was amazing! it was an emotional fight between a son and his father and a visually stunning scene that had the same animation style as opening 2 of the anime!

“Eren vs Reiner” (Attack on Titan season 4 part 2) happened again in this part of the anime and it was as brutal as any other attack on titan fight

“The Akazaya Nine vs Kaido” ( One Piece ) was one of the best fights we got in the “Wano Kuni” arc so far! not just visually but also emotionally!

But the best anime fight of winter 2022, as a lot of people will agree with me, is the fight of the red light district between “Tengen”, “Tanjiro”, “Zenitsu” and “Inosuke” vs “Gyutaro” and “Daki”. Hands down, this one is one of the best anime fights that I have ever seen! what could you say about a scene that even surpasses movie quality animation? speechless!

Note: “Nezuko” & “Tanjiro” vs “Daki” was also a piece of art and if it wasn’t for this fight, this one would have taken this spot!

best anime fights 2022

Best Male Anime Character of Winter 2021

Here are the best male anime characters of this season in my opinion:

“Tengen Uzui” (Demon Slayer season 2) was a cool and flashy anime character and probably the MVP of this second season!

“Wakana Gojo” (My Dress-Up Darling) was also a really good male character, she showed a lot of dedication to achieve his dream and improve himself as a person

But we all know that the best male character has to go to “Eren Yeager” (Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2), especially after what happened in episode 20 of this fourth season

best anime 2022

Best Female Anime Character of Winter 2022

We have some pretty interesting characters for this category! like “Jeanne D’arc” ( The Case Study Of Vanitas) who showed her cute side multiple times every time she was around “Vanitas

Akebi Komichi” is a very energetic and elegant anime girl that I honestly didn’t expect to like this much.

Takagi” (Teaser Master Takagi San Season 3) is also an excellent female character that we got this season!

With all respect to these characters that I mentioned, no one of them comes close to “Kitagawa Marin” (My Dress up Darling), this girl had her popularity explode in no time becoming one of the most beloved anime characters of the season! definitively best anime girl of Winter 2022

My Dress-up darling

Best Antagonist of Winter 2022

Making the right choice for this category was a little bit tough! “Daki” & “Gyutaro” (Demon Slayer season 2) were great villains that gave a huge headache for “Tanjiro” and his friends before going away, on the other hand, we had “Miranjo” (Ranking of Kings) who had a heartbreaking back story which is ironically quite similar to “Daki’s & “Gyutaro’s” flashback!

But I ended up going with the second one because “Miranjo’s” past crimes were shown in the anime unlike “Daki” & “Gyutaro” which were just mentioned in the episodes.

Another thing, “Daki” & “Gyutaro” last moments felt like the author was trying to make the watcher feel sorry for them, and yes, it was touching but it felt forced at the same time!

best anime winter 2022

Dark Horse of the Season

This category is reserved for the most underrated anime of the season or a show that exceeded all the expectations and was surprisingly good!

We have 2 main shows that truly deserve this title: “Akebi’s Sailor Uniform” which gave us some gorgeous visuals and animation for a show of this genre, and “Teaser Master Takagi San Season 3” which is the best romance anime we got this season!

But since it’s not the first season for “Teaser Master Takagi San “, let’s give it to “Akebi’s Sailor Uniform”

Note: I also considered “Sabikui Bisco” but to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did with these two shows.

best anime of winter 2022

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Best Anime Series of Winter 2022

Everybody knows that the best anime of winter 2022 is between 2 series “Demon Slayer Season 2” and “Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2”

Personally, there is no doubt that “Attack on Titan” is Better overall, but if we judge only the two season we got this time, I think that “Demon Slayer Season 2” was more entertaining! “Attack on Titan had the best episode of the season ( episode 20 of season 4) but “Demon Slayer Season 2” had more enjoyable episodes

best anime winter 2022

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