This Anime Will Be The Next Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan has been one of the greatest things that happened in the Anime world in the last decade and now that it’s almost done people started asking if there will be any series that could impact the community as this Anime did and if yes what is this series? what is the next Attack On Titan?

If we take a look at what makes Attack on Titan such a great Anime, we think that it all comes down to mainly 3 things: storytelling, worldbuilding, and of course mystery! so we need to suggest a series that checks all these three boxes!

While a lot of people are suggesting that Chainsaw Man is the next Anime that will take the fandom by storm just like Attack on titan did but we have a different take!

Ladies and gentlemen, we believe that Made in Abyss is a show that is gonna be the next Attack on Titan! this doesn’t mean that it will certainly gonna surpass it or be as great but at least we believe that it has a huge potential to be the next Mystery/Dark Fantasy/Adventure series!

Take note that this is just our simple opinion and you have the complete right to disagree, if so, we would really like to know why and what’s your opinion about this subject!


The storytelling in Attack on Titan is very compelling and makes the viewer wholly invested in the story and what’s going on on the screen, in fact, every episode of the series is extremely important and every word said has its meaning and it’s not just there for the sake of it!

In Made in Abyss, we noticed the same thing! every episode while consistently diving deeper into the abyss, we also dive deeper into the plot of the story there is always get some important information that we need to pay attention to and learn.

This information could come from a newly introduced character that we met in a new place of the Abyss (like in the case of Ozen, Prushka, and Nanashi when she first got introduced ) or from our squad sharing knowledge with each other

Another thing that makes the storytelling in Made in Abyss so interesting is the bonding of events and the steadiness of the story which makes you don’t want to miss the details of any dialogue, monologue, or flashback that happens in this Anime or you will find yourself lost and unable to understand what’s been said or what’s going on in the future episodes. And that’s why most people need a refreshing recap of past seasons of this Anime before getting to a new one.


The worldbuilding in Attack on Titan is fascinating in so many ways, the social life of people, politics, military, history, morals, and the fantastic beings threatening the world known as Titans. It’s an all-in-one built society that has its own persona where all people living among it obey its rules which keeps it from falling apart, and this is the same for both the inside and outside the walls.

Well, in Made in Abyss it’s the same thing! although this show utilizes more fantastic elements (more diverse fantastic creatures for example), it doesn’t hide the fact that its world is also amazingly built!

The Cave Raiders, for example, are adventures that dive into the Abyss to explore it, before they get to do this they must go through a lot of training to get qualified to do this job! a lot of children see these adventurers as heroes and dream to become like them. To pursue this path, they must graduate from orphans or academies where they acquired the necessary knowledge that will allow them to become Cave Raiders.

All Cave Raiders from the newest trainees to the most experienced and professional explorers are given different colored whistles that reflect their ability, experience, and achievements, it also tells how deep the holder of a certain type of whistle can go.

If you compare this system to the one used in Attack on Titan with the military system and how soldiers are chosen to join different squads which are ranked based on the qualifications of their members and their assigned role, like Levi‘s Special Operation Squad for example

Another great example of how the worlds of Attack on Titan and Made in Abyss are similar is the fact that the world itself is expanding with the story, every time we dive more into the story we discover that the world is way larger than what we initially imagined.

At the beginning of Attack on Titan, we thought that the whole world was just Paradise Island alone! however, when we reached Greish’s back story, we discovered that the world where our heroes were living, where all the story was taking place until that moment, is just a tiny place compared to the whole world!

Same thing in Made in Abyss! in the first episode of season 2 we found out that the Abyss that we initially thought was the entire world is situated on an isolated island and that outsiders came to this island from so far to find out about this mysterious place, its inhabitants and their culture, and decided to explore the Abyss!

This revelation opened the door to so many exciting questions such as: is that the only existing Abyss in the world? is the sixth layer the last stage of the Abyss or is it just the beginning? how have humans outside the island heard of the Golden City? and who are the original inhabitants of this mysterious island?

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One of the most powerful aspects that made Attack on Titan the masterpiece that it is today is the Mystery! since season one, the viewer had so many questions about the story that he needed answers to, and you may know that creating suspense in by using puzzles and mysterious elements is one of the greatest ways to keep an audience interested and immersed in a story, and that’s what makes this audience coming back every new season or chapter of Attack on Titan was released!

And don’t you think that the story of Made in Abyss is full of mysteries and intriguing things and that’s one f the main reasons why you came back to watch the new season when it started airing?

Made in Abyss has already plotted some really interesting questions like the origin of the Abyss, Reg‘s identity, and the truth behind Lyza but we may expect so much more of this story since we just explored a tiny piece of this world!

Is This Enough?

Let’s start this by saying, NO!

At the end of the day, this is just our anticipation of the future of the series and we are positive about it! right now, Made in Abyss is a great series that we all enjoy watching, and it had a very positive reception when it first came out and it was chosen as Anime of the Year in 2017, but to say it is on par with Attack on Titan right now is completely overstated, but for the future, we really have high expectations for it to happen!

We are saying this because a lot of people are gonna be upset because of the comparison we made in this article, but we are not trying to make people feel good on this website, we are trying to share our opinion with an audience that is ready to listen and uncover new perspectives, of course, we respect anyone who agree or disagree with us, that totally natural.

What Else Does Made in Abyss Need?

In this part, we will mention some elements that Made in Abyss need to do or have in the future to become what we desire it to be!

More Content

Made in Abyss manga has been running since 2013 and right now it has 11 volumes which is not that much content. Akihito Tsukushi the creator of the manga releases only one volume every year, and each volume is approximately 160 pages long only.

Attack on Titan (finished) on the other hand has 34 volumes with around 200 pages per volume, and still, some people think that it would be better if this manga was longer

It’s true that these kinds of works take much more time to be made because of the complexity of the plot and the importance of every detail in the story, but we believe that 1 volume a year is a little bit lazy, Made in abyss manga needs to speed up a lit bit for sure and give the community more content consistently in order to grab more attention towards it before it gets forgotten and overlooked or taken over by newer works

Faster Anime Adaptation

This is directly related to the previous point, Made in Abyss might need faster Anime adaptations in the future because the Anime is what we are interested in at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if the manga ended up with hundreds of chapters if we can’t get to see it in Anime form!

The first season of Made in Abyss aired in the Summer of 2017 and it adapted the 3 first volumes and some chapters from volume 4, the movie Dawn of the Deep Soul was released in the Winter of 2020 and it adapted the rest of volume 4 and the totality of volume 5. (season 2 is airing).

Getting 13 episodes every four or five years will only make this Anime forgettable, especially with this kind of Anime where you need to remember a lot of things to stay connected with the show, even when the season is airing people still watch the weekly episode multiple times before watching next week’s episode so to build a stronger community and have bigger success in the future, Kinema Citrus, the studio behind the production of this Anime need to give us faster adaptations of next manga volumes

Keep the Same Quality

When it comes to the production quality of Made in Abyss, it has been phenomenal so far! everything about the show is amazing: the visuals, the Animation, the soundtracks, the pacing…etc

So if Kinema Citrus can’t elevate its game and surprise us with an even greater produced future season, at least it must keep the quality of the show, we really don’t want another The Rising of The Shield Hero season 2 (mad by the same studio) scenario!

Climatic Moment

Made in Abyss is a fascinating Anime that gave us a lot of great moments that made us feel different kinds of emotions, however, we believe that the moment that this Anime will always be remembered for didn’t happen yet!

A moment like Reiner’s and Berthold’s betrayal scene from season 2 of Attack on Titan is absolutely needed in this show because such moments are what make fans care more about a show more than any time past, blow their minds, overwhelm them with emotions, or make them feel nostalgic about the show every time they remember that scene in the future

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