This is What Makes Summer Time Rendering a Must-Watch

Summer Time Rendering is a great show and one of the best Anime that came out in 2022. It’s one of the highest-ranked Anime of the year according to MyAnimeList.

The first episode of this series aired on the 15th of April 2022 with 25 episodes. It’s the adaptation of Yasunori Tanaka‘s Manga which concluded after 139 chapters.

Studio OLM was responsible for the production of this Project. This is probably a full adaptation of the Manga so the chance of a season 2 is low. Right now, can watch Summer Time Rendering on Disney+

This is the story of a young guy named Shinpei who was obliged to go back to the island where he grew up to attend the funeral of his childhood friend Ushio. As soon as he stepped on the island, he noticed something abnormal was happening there!

In this article, we will reveal to you the elements that make Summer Time Rendering a must-watch series.

It’s like Re: Zero

summertime render

This is the first impression that most people had after watching the few first episodes of this Anime! Summer Time Rendering has clearly taken inspiration from the popular Anime Re: Zero!

This was a smart move from the writer that forced the watchers to start comparing the two shows and grab the attention of the fans of the second one to this Anime since they mostly love this type of premise.

In addition to Re: Zero, Summer Time Rendering reminds us of many other great series like Steins Gate, Higurashi, Shinsekai Yori, and even Erased. So if you like one of these series, you should check out this Anime.

For spoilers reasons, we don’t wanna point out what exactly are these similarities, but we guarantee that you will figure it out right away after you start watching.

A Great Dark Mystery Show

summertime render

It’s been a while since we got a good or at least an entertaining Anime of this genre and Summer Time Rendering finally broke this curse!

But let’s not forget, unlike Isekai Anime which starts with the main character being transported to another world and becoming the most powerful being in the entire show! or Shounen Anime where the main character has a dream he wants to achieve and goes through long character development to get there, Dark Mystery doesn’t have this kind of basis or foundation.

Almost every Dark Mystery Anime is different and unique from each other, even if they have the same theme! and this is one of the reasons why it’s hard to pull off something completely original that will satisfy the fans of this genre.

Summer Time Rendering made the exception after years of many failed attempts by other shows! it’s a great Dark Mystery Anime that almost every lover of this type of show praised and liked!

And it’s not just this genre, this Anime has also some great Romance, Comedy, and Action that you will like for sure if you decide to watch this show.


The Plot is Intriguing and Easy to Understand

summertime render

Every great Dark Mystery Anime has an interesting story that keeps the watcher invested and makes him use his head trying to figure out what gonna happen next or to unlock the mystery behind it. Summer Time Rendering is no exception!

The problem with most of these shows is that they are usually hard to follow or the plot is way too complex to just sit there and keep track of the progression of the story without giving the viewer a headache.

This is directly related to the previous point! coming up with a completely original story in this genre and making the plot as understandable as possible is probably the biggest challenge of these Anime!

Shinsekai Yori for example is a great Dark Mystery Anime, but the plot is so difficult to follow to the point where you will probably miss some important details while blinking!

Summer Time Rendering doesn’t have this problem! it found a perfect balance to keep things engaging without ruining the mysterious taste of the story and it uses multiple methods (like monologues, dialogues, and sketches…) to make the narrative as clear and understandable as possible.

Consistently Thrilling Episodes

summertime render

Another problem that most Dark Mystery Anime have is that they always start strong but as the story progresses, they become slower, and the pacing starts to get annoying at some point.

The reason why this happens is that the author doesn’t want to reveal all his cards that early in the series and tries to keep you watching the show for the longest time possible!

And if he already succeeded to hook you with the first episodes, you will probably keep watching the show, even the boring parts, because you want answers! you may view it as a dirty move but, this is a business after all!

Fortunately, Summer Time Rendering doesn’t go this route! the start was so powerful and makes you hooked instantly, but the following episodes never slow down at any point in the entire series!

This Anime succeeded to keep the same momentum from the beginning to the end! every episode feels like five minutes and at the end of each one, you will be so eager to watch the following.

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Great Written Characters

summertime render

The cast of Summer Time Rendering is phenomenal! the show did amazing work by exposing different sides of the personality of each character and giving us the back stories of specific characters which set the viewer up for some great upcoming moments in the show.

Shinpei, the male main character of the Anime is an intelligent guy and a fast learner! he always learns from his past mistakes and uses that experience to get the best results on the next try! he is also shown to be emotionally strong and never gives up.

Ushio, the female main character, is cute, funny, and clumsy! she is not as smart as Shinpei but the two as a couple constitute the strongest circle in the show.

The supporting cast on the other hand does its job perfectly! while a character like Hizuru provides physical support with her strength and power, characters like Mio serves as emotional and mental support since she is the main reason why the main cast keeps going and trying to overcome the crisis of the story.

High-Quality Production

summertime render

Studio OML is not as famous as other Anime studios out there who are taking control of the scene lately like Wit and Mappa but they did an amazing job adapting the manga of Summer Time Rendering.

Whether it’s the Action scenes, the Horror, the Comedy, or the Romantic moments, they always found a way to animate the different panels in an effective way to make you feel how you are supposed to feel!

We got some intense and epic fight scenes with beautiful animation, jumpscares and disturbing dark moments with perfect sound effects and camera angles, hilarious situations with a funny switch in the art style, and emotional cuts with great music and colorful backgrounds.

It’s true that the story and the writing of this piece of media are awesome, but just like any other Anime, a great execution adds a lot to the series and takes it to another level and this is what happened with Summer Time Rendering.

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