Top 10 Best Anime Mentors in Shounen

Mentors have to be one of the coolest characters in every shounen anime, in fact, some people choose them as their favorite characters in some series, but who are the best ones in this genre? This is what we are gonna share with you in this article titled the Top 10 Best Anime Mentors in Shounen

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Take note that we are considering shounen as a genre in this list and not as a demographic, if you want to know exactly what this means check out our Top 50 Most Popular Shounen Anime where we explained in the introduction what is the difference between the two!

You should know that:

  • This is ranking is not about who is the strongest character, it’s about the best character as a whole
  • This is based on what has been shown in the anime only

Note: this list will be updated every time something that affects it happens

Benimaru Shinmon

best anime mentors
  • Anime: Fire Force
  • Occupation: Fire Fighter
  • Age: 22

Benimaru” is the captain of the 7th fire force company! he helped with the training of the Protagonist “Kusakabe Shinra” for a period of time.

Benimaru” is a talented “pyrokinetic” who is regarded as the strongest person in all the eight special fire force companies, being a hybrid of both second and third generation allows him to have an insane ability to control and use fire in a way never seen before! he is always calm and doesn’t show any emotions on his face no matter what the situation is, the thing that makes him such a cool character

Akisame Kōetsuji

best anime mentors
  • Anime: Strongest Desiple Kenichi
  • Occupation: Jujustsu Master
  • Age: 39

“Akisame” is one of the “Ryuuzanpaku” masters, he is also a great doctor, he was the first one who started training “Kenichi

Kenichi was very lucky when he decided to join the “Ryuuzanpaku” Dojo where he met with some grandmasters of multiple martial arts, and from all of them, “Akisame” was the one who took his training more seriously, he spent more time teaching him more than anybody else, and even though he was always harsh and extremely severe with him, the gains that “Kenichi” acquired mentally and physically were worth all that pain!

Hiko Seijūrō

best anime mentors
  • Anime: Rurouni Kenshin
  • Occupation: Swordmaster / Samurai
  • Age: 43

“Seijūrō is known to be one of the greatest men who carried a sword, he was the 12th heir of the “Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū” and the sensei of the main character of this story “Himura Kenshin”

“Seijūrō trained “Kenshin” in two phases, before the second time where he taught him the final and ultimate attack “Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki“, “Seijūrō was without a doubt the strongest character in the story and no one comes close to him and the sword techniques he uses, and other than this one time, we never saw him struggle with any opponent he faced!


best anime mentors
  • Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
  • Occupation: Professional Hitman
  • Age: 2 (Arcobaleno)

Reborn” holds the title of the world’s strongest hitman, he was sent by the ninth “Vongole” to “Tsunayoshi Sawada” to prepare him to be the next Boss of the mafia!

Reborn” played a major role in the insane character development of the protagonist, he went from a complete coward and a loser teenager to a great leader and reliable man who can protect his family and those dear to him and that’s thanks to the guidance and tutorship of “Reborn”

Gojou Satoru

best anime mentors
  • Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Occupation: Jujutsu Teacher
  • Age: 28

Gojou” is a teacher at the “Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College“, he is known as the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer, he was the one who made “Itadori Yuji” join the jujutsu sorcery community after he ate “Sukuna’s” finger.

Around his students and colleagues, “Gojou” is a funny character who tries to make jokes and have a great time with everyone, but when he faces enemies, he simply has no mercy or sympathy towards them! just hearing his name makes them terrified, and how can you expect less from someone who claims that he can beat “Sukuna” in his full power!

Kisuke Urahara

best anime mentors
  • Anime: Bleach
  • Occupation: Convenience Stor Owner
  • Age: +200

Previously the captain of the 12th division in the “Soul Society”. In the human world, he is the owner of the “Urahara shop“, and he assisted in the training of “Ishigo” multiple times

“Urahara” is a genius and a very talented and pretty strong shinigami who achieved a lot when he was among the Soul society, he played a major role in the character development of the main character by teaching him a lot of things about the shinigami and showing him some very effective ways to become stronger and reach new levels of power

Yami Sukehiro

best anime mentors
  • Anime: Black Clover
  • Occupation: Magic Knight Captain
  • Age: 29

Captain of the “Black Bulls” squad and one of the strongest “Magic Knights” in the “Clover kingdom”, he always drags weird and unique people to join his team.

Although he doesn’t have the best personality and treats his team members awfully, he is also like a dad to them! he gave every single one of them the chance to show their talents and glow by making them a part of the “Black Bulls” when nobody wanted to listen to them, try to understand them, or let them do what they want, they were a bunch of discriminated people that “Yami” gave them a place to belong! and on top of that, he always pushes them to surpass their limits and become stronger, and he is the first one who does so!

You should read:

Silvers Rayleigh

best anime mentors
  • Anime: One Piece
  • Occupation: Retired Pirate
  • Age: 78

Known as the “Dark King” and the right hand of the pirate king himself! he is an extremely strong pirate who perfectly masters the “Haki” and knows everything about it, he trained “Monkey D. Luffy” for two years and the results he got from that made him a completely different person after the time skip!

Rayleigh” is probably the most important character in the “One Piece” universe since he doesn’t just discover all the mysteries of this world, he was the most powerful man among the “Gol D. Roger” pirates and still can put a fight against an admiral in spite of his age, but he also happens to be the man who mentored the next Pirate King! in other words, he is a direct link between the past and the future, between the previous and next pirate King


best anime mentors
  • Anime: Naruto
  • Occupation: Legendary Ninja
  • Age: 54

“Jiraiya” is one of the 3 “Legendary Sannin” of the “Leaves Village”, “the toad sage”, the author of the “Icha Icha” book, and the man who trained “Naruto” who became the 7th Hokage later on!

More than just a trainer or mentor, “Jiraiya” is like a true father to “Naruto”, he was the person who came up with his name, and we saw what kind of parental relationship these two had together. “Jiraiya was also the sensei of “Naruto’s” father “Minato” who also grew up to become the fourth Hokage. “Jiraiya” himself was offered to become a Hokage but he refused the proposal and preferred to go on his own way looking for the boy of the prophecy and completing his last wiriting.

Yoshida Shouyou

best anime mentors
  • Anime: Gintama
  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Age: unknown

“Shouyou” is the founder of a private school that he named “Shouka Sonjuku” where he took care of mostly poor and orphan children. “Sakata Gintoki” the main character of the series was one of his students.

Obviously, “Shouyou” trained his students to become some of the strongest samurai that participated in the “Joui War”, but the most important and precious thing that “Gintoki” and his friends learned and took from “Shouyou” isn’t the sword mastery, it’s the values and morals that he planted in them that impacted their lives and changed their perspective on life!

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