Why Spy X Family is So Popular?

With almost every new anime season, there is always that one anime that everybody is excited about and anticipating for months if not for years, and it’s usually the show that has the biggest expectations and the highest chances to be the best one of that season, well if nothing goes wrong! and for the Spring of 2022, it’s “Spy x Family” that has all the hype!

Spy x Family” is the original creation of “Tatsuya Endo”, it tells the story of a very talented spy known as “Twilight” who found himself in a position where he needs to build a family as soon as possible in order to complete a very important mission, we then got introduced to “Anya“, an orphan who has telepathic abilities, and “Yor” a professional assassin. Because every one of these 3 people has his own circumstances, they decided to act like an actual family until they reach what they are aiming for!

The manga was first published in the Winter of 2019 in “Shōnen Jump+” and right now it has 9 volumes, and after a huge collaboration between “Wit Studio” and “Cloverworks“, an anime adaptation of this manga was announced and on the 9th of April 2022 the first episode of the anime was premiered on different platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix

And just after 2 episodes aired, the anime saw a huge explosion in its popularity, ranked first as the highest-rated anime of the season, and took the second place as the best anime behind “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” on MyAnimeList

spy x family

So you may be wondering, what is so special about this anime that makes it so successful and everybody likes it?! in this article, this is what you are gonna learn! we are gonna share with you 5 reasons Why Spy X Family is So Popular and why a lot of people love this series!

Note: This may include some spoilers from the first 5 episodes of the anime so make sure to read at your own risk or check out the show first and come back later!

The Themes Tackled in Spy X family

spy x family

Parenting and childcare, are two anime genres that usually do pretty well and have a positive reception from the audience especially when the biggest demographic of this audience ( the age range of anime fans) is the one between 19 and 35 years old because these people usually find a kind of reliability when watching this type of anime and then it’s easier to build a strong emotional connection with the characters they are watching!

But “Spy X family” does things even better! typically, anime about childcare and parenting are linked to Comedy, Slice of Life, and Drama, for example, “Wolf Children”, “Bunny Drop”,Hinamatsuri” and “Kakushigoto”

“Spy X family” has all these things, and it has more! Suspense, Action, Mystery, and Superpowers are genres that kept a lot of people who aren’t into the genres mentioned before( and they are a lot!) interested in the show, and for some of them, these things are the best thing about this anime!

The Main Characters of Spy X family

spy x family

The main cast of this show is so winsome! we fell in love with every single member of the “Forger” family just after they got introduced! and the number of fanarts, profile pictures, posts, and content about this trio on the internet just after the first episodes of it came out is insane and it’s just the proof that people really love these characters!

“Loid Forger”, the man of the house, a handsome and elegant gentleman who does his work perfectly, he simply never misses! even in the most complicated situations, he knows how to turn the table in his favor and get out of it as the winner in the most badass way possible! simply the perfect husband material

“Anya Forger”, the daughter, the most lovely and adorable little girl that any parent would want to have, never stops doing cute things and putting a smile on the viewers’ faces, and when she is hurt or sad, everybody feels responsible of protecting her and feel bad for her! without forgetting that she has the viewer’s perspective since she is the only person in the family that knows the complete truth and secrets of the others.

“Yor Forger”, the mother, an extremely attractive woman with her great figure and long black hair, usually she is just a feminine woman with a calm and sweet personality and has some weird tastes and fetishes, but when it comes to her job, it’s like she is someone else, she instantly switches personally and becomes a complete beast that doesn’t show any mercy and does her work perfectly while enjoying the process! and just after a season where “Kitagawa Marin” was nominated to be the best girl of the year, “Yor” came strongly to become her biggest rival for this title!

The Controversy Around Spy X Family

spy x family

It is common among the anime community that a lot of shows in the past were subject to a lot of controversy around them for different reasons like the themes of the show, the execution of the studio producing the anime, maybe some author decisions and the list goes on, but in the case of “Spy X family”, the controversy started so fast! just after few hours after the premiers of the first episode of the series, someone posted a TikTok video trying to cancel the whole anime and claiming that the studio is sexualizing “Anya” every time she is with her dad!

spy x family

This was obviously extremely weird on the part of this TikTok User who for some reason decided to post this stupid video to the whole internet just to get a massive backlash in return from the fans of the series, but this was just the beginning of this insane situation, a lot of other people on different social media platforms started posting crazy and ridiculous takes like this one to the point where other parties that noticed these types of behavior started accusing the whole “Spy X family” community of toxicity and depravity.

Ironically, this was also a reason why this show gained a lot of popularity! drama and controversy have always been some of the most effective ways to grab eyes, ears, and attention to something, and this is exactly what happened in this case! after all of this, even people who had the least interest in “Spy X family” decided to take a look at it from curiosity which made the fanbase of the show grow even more!

The Manga of Spy X Family

spy x family

Before we had any news about an anime adaptation, “Spy X Family” the manga had already a large fanbase and took the manga community by storm after all the numbers that it reached just in its two first years of serialization!

Ande here is a list of what the manga of “Spy X Family” achieved between 2019 and 2020:

  • First place as the best “next generation manga” in the web category in the Tsugi ni Kuru Manga award
  • Ranked first as the best manga recommended by Japanese bookstores in the “Zenkoku Shotenin ga Eranda Osusume Comic 2020” topping series like “Shuumatsu no Walküre, “Chainsaw Man” and “My Dress up Darling”
  • Ranked first as the best manga recommended by professionals working in manga in the “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2020 For Male Readers” topping series like “Chainsaw man”, “Demon Slayer”, and “Ranking of Kings”
  • Ranked second as the most recognized manga in the “Manga Taishō 2020” after “Blue Period”
  • The ninth most selling Manga of 2020 topping series like “Attack on Titan”, Fire Force”, “Kaguya same” and “Black Clover”

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The Season Where Spy X Family Premiered

spy x family

The first season (Part 1) of “Spy x Family” was scheduled to air in the Spring season of 2022 from April to July, and to be honest, this season wasn’t the craziest one, we got some pretty good new series like “Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie”, “Ya Boy Kongming!” and “Ao Ashi”, but “Spy x Family” had a clear advantage over these series even before the season started!

So except for “Kaguya Sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic”, there was no other show to look up to every week, add to that the bad performance of the most anticipated anime of the season “The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2” which pave the way to “Spy x Family” to take all gazes of the fandom and become the most popular series of the season!

And just a season ago, “My Dress-Up Darling” aired and it was quite popular and prevalent among the anime community but it was nothing compared to the 2 other extremely popular series airing in the same season “Attack On Titan” and “Demon Slayer”


Don’t forget to let your thoughts down below and whether you like this series and think it deserves all this hype around it or you think that it’s just overrated?!

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