Why We Love The 86 Eighty Six Anime ?

The anime adaptation of “Asato’s” light novel “Eighty Six” or simply “86” aired for the first time in the Spring season of 2021 and then a second part ( or a second season) was scheduled for the fall season of the same year

This anime saw a very positive reception from the anime community! it was nominated for anime of the season and then for anime of the year especially after the two last episodes which were delayed for 2 months aired!

So what makes this anime so adored and beloved by anime fans and why has it become so popular? if you wanna find out the answer to this question I highly recommend you to stick around and read this full article (NO SPOILER BY THE WAY) because we are gonna give you what you need and answer these questions in full detail!

86 Eighty Six Saved the Best For The Last!

eighty six

And almost nobody that watched this show will disagree with this, after a delay of two months, the series that already captivated its fans returned, and what a return was that! the two months were worth the wait for sure and all the pain of waiting and anticipating the ending of this beautiful piece of media vanished instantly!

One of the best things that a series can give to its fans is a fulfilling and satisfying ending that puts a smile on their faces, this series did this and more! a lot of people were expressing the overwhelming feelings and emotions that got to them while watching these two last episodes!

These two episodes were so good that they were trending everywhere around the internet! not just that, in a season where the colossal of anime and one of the most popular shows of all the time, “Attack on Titan” was airing, these two episodes were chosen by fans as the best for the two weeks back to back! you can check out the results of the polls here!

“Eighty Six” made a lot of people drop tears of joy because of how beautiful and stunning the ending of this chapter of the story was and left them so eager for a second season that they hope for as fast as possible!

The Writing of Eighty Six is Brilliant!

eighty six

I honestly don’t know where this story will go after this first season because the ending was just perfect and made me feel like this is a final for the entire thing! but the readers of the light novel keep saying that this series just keeps getting better and better with every new chapter of the story! this makes you realize how exceptional and intelligent the writing of this story is!

Through the entirety of this first season, you can clearly feel that this is something different! and these are some major things we need to point out about the compositing art of this narrative:

The Character Writing:

eighty six

Almost every character in this show is complex and has an essential role in the story!

Shin” is one of the two main characters of this anime, he is a cold-hearted soldier with no mercy on the battlefield, but he also has insecurities and weaknesses that make him look so fragile and pitiful sometimes.

Lena” is the second MC of this show! she is a very dedicated and serious military with high values and a sense of responsibility towards her job! she is sometimes so lovely and cute but she may drop that face If the need arises

The supporting cast in this show is so memorable, even those who didn’t have a lot of screen time! which isn’t something you can get in every anime! why? simply because they are all very important for the progression of the story, and how they influence each other, especially the main cast!

Frederica” for example may seem like your typical child who fools around all the time and does some stupid things, but when she talks, she puts adults in shame! for someone her age, she has really gone through a lot and learned so much about how cruel the world can be!

The Build-up of The Story:

eighty six

From all the beginning, we knew that this journey won’t be something soft or sarcastic, it was clear that we were gonna go through a lot of rough, brutal, and painful experiences.

The situation of every party in this story was perfectly explained and presented

This show revealed that it doesn’t hesitate to take risks if needed in order to maintain its overall ambiance and energy; it makes the viewer feel the tragic moments that the characters go through which makes the bonds with these fictional people stronger with every episode!

The drama and tragedy in this anime kept escalating more and more, and each time we think that we got a ray of hope or something positive happens in the show, we are quickly reminded about the true nature of this story and that nothing (major) actually changed!

And what makes this more intense and impactful is knowing that nobody is safe from facing the same fate as the predecessors and all the characters in this show know that and know the limits of the little they can do against this painful reality!

The Themes Tackled in This Story

eighty six

This is another thing that shows how smart and weighted the writing of this story is! the themes that “Eighty Six” touches on make it easier for the viewer to build a connection with the show and understand the message of the narrative!

This is a very effective way to make the story as unforgettable as possible, which is a big challenge for the writer, I have watched hundreds of anime myself, and I can tell you that only the best ones are the ones that I remember perfectly just as I watched them yesterday, at the same time, there are dozens of series that I don’t remember anything about except for their names, so tackling sensitive themes in a show is a really good way to make this happen in my opinion!

Racism, discrimination, contempt, violence, exiling, war, and so much more are topics that you, as a watcher, will relate to whether because you suffered from these miseries yourself or your relatives, or just because you know that these things exist in the real world and somebody is going through it.

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The Production Value of Eighty Six

eighty six

A-1 Pictures” is the studio that was behind this project! and this is probably the best anime they have made so far in terms of production quality, their touch was clear and their additions took this story to another different level!

You take all that we said about “Eighty Six” until now as source material and you give it life in a way that exceeded all the expectations! this is exactly what “A-1 Pictures” did with the light novel.

The Visuals and Artistic Direction of Eighty Six

eighty six

We aren’t gonna talk about the animation of the fight scenes in this show and how they perfectly used the CGI without anybody complaining about it, which is rare among the anime community ( CGI = criticism), or the beautiful and consistent art style of the world and the crispy design of the characters, this is just something we are used to with “A-1 Pictures”, just take a look at “The Seven Deadly Sins” season 1 and 2 or “Sword Art Online: Aliciszation” and what they did with the animation in these two shows!

“Eighty Six” is not about action anyway, that’s not what makes it what it is, “Eighty Six” is about tragedy, emotions, drama, and love, and here where “A-1 Pictures” took all those moral things, which were originally expressed in words and made them alive! so you, the viewer, can see them!

Symbolism: an artistic touch that the studio used multiple times in this show, and what makes it more beautiful is, if you catch it and pay attention to it, it will make you feel good and your realization of how great this show is will grow more, and if you don’t notice it, it’s not a big deal, you will still enjoy what you are looking at because of how gorgeous the shots and short clips that aim to symbolize something are!

The transitions: another mechanism that you will notice a lot while watching “Eighty Six”, and if it’s used it’s always for a purpose, it tries to tell you something, so in other words, it’s also a sort of symbolism used in this show but it’s more relevant and visible

So as a whole, the visuals of this show are something else and always make the scenes so meaningful and complex, and extremely appealing at the same time! and yet, this is not the best thing “A-1 Pictures” did with this anime!

The Aesthetic Audio of Eighty Six

eighty six

In my opinion, this is the best thing that the studio did with the show! absolute perfection! starting from the openings and endings and the great choices that they made with the performers, the background music used was also a great fit for the genres of the show, the voice acting nailed it! the sound effects used are something I have never experienced before in an anime with this quality! even the silence was perfectly implemented when needed

all these elements made “Eighty Six” a show of outstanding quality and something special for sure!


So this was all I got! I hope that you find this small piece of content helpful and that you found the answer to the question we asked at the beginning! “Eighty Six” is for sure one of the best new anime we got in a while and I’m confident that it will end up being one of the greatest shows of the next decade!

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